how to hide the notch on android 9 pie. 10 May 2019

First go to settings tap system then tap on about phone, and tap the build number 7 times. This will enable developer options. Now go back to system then head over to developer options. Find drawing tap on display cutout then tap hide. Now the notch on your device should be hidden.

How to run a game made in unity on the Asus Tinkerboard Raspberry PI and other ARM boards. 11 May 2019

To do this you'll need to Compile your game for WebGL Then copy the folder to your device. Now open a terminal window in the game folder. We will now start a web server using the one built in to Python now in the terminal window copy and paste this if you have python 2 installed. -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 or if you have python 3 installed then use this instead.python3 -m http.serverThen open chromium and type this in the address bar localhost:8000 and now you can play your game!


How to check what fonts websites are using in Firefox and Chrome. 11 June 2019

Right Click on your Mouse or Trackpad then click Inspect Element. For Example if you Click on the main elment in the Inspector on this website you see that the H tags and P tags are using the default Sans serif font on your device.

How to fix Blurry sprites in Unity. 21 June 2019

First off. in unity open the folder where you store your spirtes. Then click on you spirte. In the inspector find Filter Mode and change it from bilinear to pont (no filter). When you unselect the spirte from the inspector you'll get a popup asking you to apply changes. Click apply and now the spite will no longer look blurry.